Flawless Finish Foundation

Love Lynda Flawless Finish Foundation - LL Warm 6

Lynda Strain Makeup

Regular price €30,00
6 Shades available; LL Cool 1, LL Cool 2, LL Warm 2, LL Cool 4, LL Warm 5, LL Warm 6

This Flawless finish foundation is not just a foundation but a treatment on the skin because of being filled of ingredients such as;
Vitamin E – naturally healing and repairing to skin whilst being a very powerful anti-oxidant protecting your skin by fighting off free radicals from the air. Vitamin E will also calm and soothe the most sensitive skin, Excellent to treat Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis.
Wheatgerm- Helps improve skins elasticity and has natural anti-ageing properties. 
It is Non Comedogenic - will not block your pores
It is a Water based liquid foundation which allows great staying power
Light to medium coverage but by applying more you can create a medium to heavy coverage 

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